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If you are searching for "St. George SEO Company" or a related term, then you probably already know it is important now more than ever to get your website found within the top results of Google. The truth is though that Search Engine Optimization has only gotten harder and harder. Google must protect their assests by serving relevant results. That's why they are constantly changing their algorithm. Take a moment to watch the following video and you will understand better what is at stake.

Odds are that you have searched and visited a website for a business in St. George, Zion National Park, Bryce Caynon or even a local city or county website, then you have visited one of our clients. Online Web Marketing (OLWM) has been building, hosting, and marketing websites through out southwestern Utah since the earliest days of the internet. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable internet marketing solution then OLWM is your best choice. Please contact us for details.

"First and foremost, in order for you business to be successful online your website has to be found."

People lose sight on that fact. They usually hire a designer and tell them to get to work. That beautiful website will probably cost thousands of dollars and it just might turn out to be a disappointment causing someone to lose faith in the potential that the internet offers. All because of the fact that they were told "Build it and they will come".

Back in the infant years of the internet, this may have been true. But the landscape has changed. It's not simple anymore. Big corporate entities spend millions if not billions of dollars to ensure that their websites are discovered when a potential customer types in those golden keywords.

Don't lose heart. The fact of the matter is that the big corporate solution is usually to throw money at the problem and hope it sticks. A recent survey of some of the top corporate websites reveals that their overall site structure is built on weak foundations. This means, for those who are search engine savvy, the field is golden and ready to harvest.

Take a few minutes and see why we have a very different mindset. Why a few well chosen stones can bring down a giant. We believe in developing a strategy way before we ever design your site. Our professional SEO team has tools which enable them to research any given business category and learn who the primary players are, why they are ranked where they are at (including estimated traffic and sometimes even what they spend,) and also, just as important, we learn what your opponents weaknesses are.

Give us a call at 435-652-3056 ext. 101 and see why OLWM is still building strong.